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Spicy pork stew

Spicy pork stew

For easier preparation, use a saucepan that goes into the oven.

First I hardened the meat in a little oil, until it got a little color, then I took it out and left it away. In the oil I added the onion and chopped garlic and hardened for a few minutes. Then I added the sliced ​​carrots and chopped pepper and seasoned with Delikat pork spice and a little salt. It is much easier to use a single spice, which contains the right spices for pork.

After another 2-3 minutes I added the meat and potatoes to the pan, then I put the water.

After 5 minutes I added the tomato paste and a little hot pepper, and left it to cook for another 15-20 minutes, over low heat. Then I put the pan in the oven at 170 degrees C for 15 minutes. Only as well as the sauce decreased, did the cream become tender and tender.

It is a delicious stew that goes perfectly with a little grated telemea.

Pork stew

If it's winter, we behave as such and eat things that force us to dig a tunnel through the snow. The ingredients are few and combine simply, even a ten-year-old could make this food.

Wash the potatoes, boil them in their skins (let's take a small potato for each portion), in salted water. It is cleaned and left alone for a while. Chop the onion (two medium onions), as well as chop two baked peppers.

Put them together in a hot saucepan with a teaspoon of oil. After the onion is soft, put the meat in the pan (pork shoulder cut into small pieces).

Mix well, cover with a lid and simmer for half an hour. Mix a teaspoon of paprika, two pinches of salt, one of pepper and a cup of warm water.

Pour over the meat and leave on low heat for another quarter of an hour. I like to eat this stew with cold potatoes. But that's me. Stay healthy.

Spicy beans with pork

Vegetable protein (from beans) with animal protein (from pork neck). With a bonus of lipids (ie fats), also from the nape of the neck. A combination found in various variants in Spanish, Mexican, American, Romanian cuisine, etc. An association that Filipinos include in the "breakfast" category. I prepared it "quickly before", respectively with the beans almost ready (canned, so that I can understand everyone). I had two small portions, the second as lunch, the first being a tomato soup topped with frozen vegetables and canned tomatoes.

What do you need?

In addition to the slice of pork neck (150 g) and the can of spicy red beans (420 g) I also used a tablespoon of vegetable oil and a handful of chopped green parsley.

How do you proceed?

I chopped the goodness of the nape of the neck into 1.5 × 1.5 cm pieces, and I smothered it lightly, on all sides, in hot oil, over low heat, for about 8 minutes, under the lid. When it started to brown nicely and sizzling from all joints, I cooled it with canned beans, along with juice. I had tasted the juice before, the E's didn't feel too strong and I didn't succumb for the next 10 minutes. At the same type of flame, I bubbled the protein mix for another 5 minutes, during which time I washed the parsley, shook it well from the excess water and chopped it. Not too small to be seen in the pictures. After throwing it in the pan and mixing it well, I kept it covered, but not on the flame, for almost 120 seconds.

Because the box of beans said “spicy” and a lot of hot peppers were drawn (some redder, some greener), I told myself not to season the meat anymore. I did wrong, because a pepper powder and a chilly one would have worked. He stayed for next time. I made up for it with a slightly spicy pickled cucumber (I don't take pictures so I don't feel like it) and a drier cabernet glass of its kind.

Have fun and see you healthy again!

Pork stew

1. Wash the pork muscle with a stream of cold water, then drain on an absorbent kitchen towel. After that, cut the meat into cubes.
2. Separately, wash and clean the onion, cut into scales and, together with the cut meat, fry in preheated oil.
3. Sprinkle with lukewarm water so that it does not stick to the pan and let it simmer, stirring constantly. Add pepper, as desired, and continue to simmer over low heat.
4. Peel the peppers or donuts, wash and cut into suitable strips. Add over meat and onions and sprinkle with lukewarm water to simmer.
5. Wash the tomatoes, then scald, peel and cut into small pieces or crush with a blender.
6. Place the meat and vegetables in a saucepan and place in the hot oven. The food is allowed to drop and, after it has browned, it is taken out of the oven and served garnished with freshly chopped parsley and grated cheese on top.

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1 Preheat the oven to 7/220 ° C, sprinkle the meat with the spice, pepper and grease with oil. Place it in the baking tray and bake for 1 hour.

2 Meanwhile, combine the ketchup, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce and honey.

3 Degrease the juices from the pan and pour the sauce mixture around the meat. Cover the tray with aluminum foil and lower the temperature to 3/150 ° C. Bake for 4 hours or grill if you prefer the smoky taste.

4 Place the meat on the wooden bottom and tear it into small pieces with a fork. Put the meat back in the juices in the pan that have dropped in the meantime and are off
the consistency of a sauce. Serve the meat placed on baked sweet potatoes or buns, with white cabbage salad with carrots, or arugula and sprinkled with hot peppers,
cut into slices and green onions.

Pork Stew With Hot Peppers

1. Heat 2 teaspoons of oil in a saucepan over medium heat. Add the pork, stirring, until it changes color, about 5 minutes. Transfer to a bowl with the juice.

2. Add the remaining 2 teaspoons of oil, onion and pepper to the pan. Cook, stirring, until soft. Add the garlic and cook for another 1 minute.

3. Add the potatoes, chicken soup, cumin, oregano and salt. Reduce heat and simmer until potatoes are tender, about 10 minutes.

4. Put the pork back in the pan and cook, partially covered, until the pork is cooked and the potatoes are tender.

5. Add lime juice before serving.

You have to see it too.

Korean spicy pork recipe

With this easy recipe, learn how to make a popular daeji bulgogi plate or spicy Korean pork. This is a twist on delicious Korean bulgogi. If you like your food with a little, or rather, a lot of blow, daeji bulgogi will not disappoint. If you like your food or have a condition such as heartburn or acid reflux, which requires you to avoid spicy foods, you would be wise to avoid this dish. Try bulgogi instead regularly, although even this dish is served with spicy, red hot pepper sauce.

If you are a fan of spicy meals, the good news about Bulgarian daeji is that it is not difficult to do. The food is simply made from thinly sliced ​​pork, marinated in a spicy hot pepper sauce and then either grilled or fried. This dish is very often cooked with other vegetables, such as onions, zucchini or peppers. When the vegetables are not cooked with it, daeji bulgogi is wrapped with rice in lettuce leaves. So at this meal, you can meet a variety of recommended daily requirements for nutrients. Get a delicious dose of protein and vegetables in this kind of amazing plate.

Spicy cream cheese & # 8211 Bavarian recipe by Obatzter & # 8211 Obatzda

Spicy cream cheese & # 8211 Bavarian recipe by Obatzter, Obatzda or Obazda. An appetizer cream made of cream cheese rubbed with butter or sour cream and flavored with paprika, cumin, green onions, sometimes with horseradish or beer. It is served especially with Bavarian pretzels, as a dip.

Spicy cream cheese is present in Bavarian breweries (Bierhaus) because it goes very well with beer. People gnaw on simple salt pretzels or greased with Obatzda, tell stories, listen to music and drink beer. Nice, isn't it?

Obatzda is a simple, unpretentious kind, presented in ceramic pots placed on rustic wooden choppers. In addition to spicy cream cheese, onion slices, pickles, peppers are also brought to the table. Break from the Bavarian pretzel and soak in the bowl of Obatzter & # 8230

What else can be said about Obatzda? That it is made from soft Camembert or Brie cheese (with white mold), with butter or sour cream and that sometimes a drop of beer is added. There are many recipes. I ate this cream cheese in several places in Bayern (Bavaria) and the tastes and flavors were a bit different. Some were more rosy (with more paprika), others whiter & # 8230 some had cumin, others did not. More details can be found here.

I chose a version that I like: with cumin, paprika, salt, pepper, chives and butter. Terribly good!

From the ingredients below it results approx. 4-6 servings of Obatzda spicy cream cheese.

Bicol Express spicy stew, straight from the Philippines

Bella Santiago, winner of "X Factor" and former contestant in the super show of transformations "I know you from somewhere", from Antena 1, came in the 24th edition of season 8 of the show "Chefs with knives" to demonstrate the skills of the three keys in the kitchen.

She chose to prepare a recipe from Filipino cuisine of spicy pork stew with shrimp paste and coconut milk. Even if it was too spicy for the taste of the chefs, the recipe was highly appreciated, and the contestant was given the chance to move on to the culinary competition.

Regarding the Philippine dish Bicol Express, it should be noted that the name of the recipe was given after an express service from a passenger train in the Philippine region of Bicol, a region known for very spicy dishes.

Video: Spicy pork stew Dwaejigogi-jjigae: 돼지고기찌개 (September 2021).