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How to make a cage

How to make a cage

How to make a cage. The barley is chosen and impurities. It washes well (among the people, tradition says that the barley for the cage should be washed 9 times), as in tradition. It is boiled in a pot in which I added water -750 ml of water, with salt. Boil until the bark has "blossomed" well and absorbed all the water. Set the pot aside. Cool slightly and add the sugar. Mix well until all the sugar is incorporated. When cooled well. add the flavors, ground walnuts (a bun before), raisins that have been soaked in rum essence and warm water.

We let it rest for an hour or two, it sits on a plate, it gives a beautiful shape. Sprinkle breadcrumbs, cage candies for inspiration. A special template is mounted and with cocoa or powdered sugar the cage is "cooked".

It is very tasty, guaranteed

Video: Building a DIY Rat Cage (September 2021).