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Green spinach pasta

Green spinach pasta

Recipe Green pasta with spinach from of 05-03-2014 [Updated on 05-03-2014]

Green pasta with spinach is a variant of the classic fresh egg pasta. In this preparation, minced spinach is added to give the pasta a bright green color and an extra touch of flavor. With green pasta you can create all the pasta shapes you prefer, from sheets to prepare lasagna, to tagliatelle or ravioli. This is the first time I prepare fresh spinach pasta and the result was excellent and the spinach does not feel decisively, try it and then you tell me :)


How to make green pasta

Wash the spinach and steam it for about ten minutes

dry them and chop them

In a large bowl put the flour, make a hollow in the center and put the eggs and a pinch of salt

Start working by beating the eggs from the center

Add the spinach and knead the dough for about ten minutes, adding more flour if needed

Cover the dough with a cloth and let it rest for 1/2 hour.

Then roll out the dough to get the shape of pasta you prefer

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Homemade green pasta lends itself to taking any shape you prefer, from traditional sheets for lasagna to tagliatelle, certainly the most popular, but in truth you will have no restrictions of any kind, so you can prefer the formats you like most or those that best lend themselves to the recipe you have in mind.

Like any fresh homemade pasta, green pasta must also rest, to dry a little. So it is preferable, when ready, to leave it on floured trays (if of small size) or spread out on the appropriate structures (and you didn't make them like me, place a long rolling pin or stick on the back of two chairs, and spread the dough over it Leave it to dry in the air for an hour, then it also depends on the weather conditions, in case of humidity it will take longer, if instead it is hot and the air is dry it will take even less time.

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There green spinach pasta It is a delicious and delicious variant of the classic homemade pasta ideal for enriching your homemade dishes with color and making them even more appetizing and pleasing to the palate.

Spinach gives the pasta a lively green color but does not significantly alter its flavor: for this reason it is also appreciated by the little ones who will find it curious and will taste it with pleasure.

We provide you with the step-by-step procedure for obtaining two types of green spinach pasta, the one without eggs and the one with eggs: in the first case, the eggs are replaced by water, which makes the dough perfectly workable, whether to make delicious noodles, sheets for lasagna or delicious stuffed ravioli!

This version is therefore also suitable for intolerant people, vegetarians and vegans and, to make it gluten-free, simply replace the quantity of 00 flour with a gluten-free flour. We have tested it for you!

Obviously, the classic version with eggs is also perfect for preparing many dishes, such as lasagna bolognese!

There green spinach pasta it can be seasoned with parmesan and oil, butter and sage or with a classic tomato sauce.

If you don't have a pasta machine, don't worry: flour a pastry board and a rolling pin well and flatten the dough until it becomes a thin sheet. With a pizza wheel have fun cutting strips or use molds to make ravioli!

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Spinach roll

1) Prepare the filling. Blanch the spinach in a little salted water, drain, squeeze and chop. Fry the chopped shallot in a pan with the butter, and allow the spinach to flavor, transfer them to a bowl, add the ricotta and half of the Parmesan, salt and mix well.

2) Roll out the dough. Mix the flour with the eggs, a pinch of salt and a grating of nutmeg, work the dough until it is smooth and compact, then roll it out with a rolling pin, always starting from the center outwards: you will need to obtain a sheet a couple of thick mm.

3) Stuff the pastry. Transfer the spinach and ricotta filling to the center of the pastry and spread it out with a large spatula in an even layer about one cm thick. Leave a border of about 2 cm free all around to prevent the filling from coming out when rolling the sheet.

4) Prepare the roll. Starting from one of the two longer sides, gently roll the pastry on itself. Completely wrap the roll in a thin white cloth, making it adhere as much as possible, then tie it at the ends (like candy) with kitchen twine.

5) Bring the spinach roll to cooking. For cooking, use a fish with the special removable grill on which you will place the roll. Bring plenty of salted water to a boil in the container, immerse the roll in it, let it boil again and let it simmer for about an hour.

6) Slice and serve the dish. Drain the spinach and ricotta roll, untie it and unroll it from the canvas, place it on a cutting board and cut it into slices a couple of cm high, gradually arranging them on a hot serving dish, season with the tomato sauce and the remaining Parmesan and bring immediately to the table.

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Ingredients: 400 g of shells, 1/2 kg of spinach, butter, milk, bacon, salt, pepper, 2 ounces of sheep's milk ricotta, 4 tablespoons of grated Parmesan.

Preparation: Boil the spinach and drain well. Sauté them in a pan with sautéed butter and bacon, season with salt and pepper. Blend the ricotta, parmesan and spinach if the dough remains a little dry, soften with a few tablespoons of milk. The dough is ready to season the pasta. Conchiglie are recommended as a pasta.

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With fresh spinach: quickly wash the spinach, drain them and place them in a steamer basket or in a colander.

Fill a saucepan halfway with water, then add salt and bring it to a boil.

Finally, insert the basket or colander with the spinach and cover, letting it steam for about ten minutes.

If you use a frozen spinach cube put it directly in the colander and cook it in the same way.

Finally let the spinach cool and finally chop it very finely with a knife or with some pulse on the mixer.

Place the flour in a heap, then add the spinach, the egg, the oil and a pinch of salt.

Knead for a long time until you get a homogeneous and firm dough.

Let it rest for about half an hour covered with film, at room temperature.

Finally, roll out the dough into a thin sheet (by hand with a rolling pin or with a pasta machine) then cut it into rectangles of about 15 & # 21510 cm.

Use green lasagna pasta in your recipes, first blanching the sheets in plenty of boiling salted water for one minute.

Drain them, put them in a bowl with cold water and spread them out in a clean, dry cloth.


How long can I keep fresh green pasta?

In reality it is advisable to consume it immediately, but at the most you can try to put it under vacuum before pulling the sheet for the noodles.

If I want to use frozen spinach, what can I do?

Remember to replace 50 g of fresh with 25 g of frozen food

Do you feel the flavor of spinach a lot? My kids don't like them

In reality it feels but not intrusive, especially if you combine these noodles with a good sauce. You will see they will certainly eat them and ask for an encore!

I love this type of preparation, would you give me other fresh pasta recipes?

On the cookaround website you will find many, in the meantime I leave you two winning ideas: tricolor puff pastry and purple pasta

How to prepare green spinach pasta

Clean the spinach, wash them thoroughly and cook them in a pan for about ten minutes, with only the residual water from the wash (1).

Collect the spinach in a colander and drain well, eliminating excess water (2).

Chop the spinach with a knife (3) and then set aside.

Collect the flour in the bowl of a planetary mixer and add the eggs in the center (4).

Add 40 grams of spinach (5) and start kneading with the leaf hook, at medium speed.

Once you have a firm and homogeneous dough, form a loaf (6), wrap it in a sheet of cling film and let it rest for about 30 minutes.

After this time, roll out the dough into a thin sheet (7) and make the desired shape.

Pour into the "closed lid" spinach and 300 gr. of flour, blend 30 sec / speed 8.

Add the eggs and the oil, mix 1 min / "closed lid" / "pasta mode" , add the 20 g. of flour (as needed) and continue 1 min / "closed lid" / "pasta mode" , remove the dough and let it rest covered for 15 min. before rolling out the dough.

Recipe from the basic book "Me and my Thermomix"

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