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16 Christmas Gifts for the Hostess (Slideshow)

16 Christmas Gifts for the Hostess (Slideshow)

Give them what they really need with advice from the experts

Bottega Copper Tumblers

Stylish and functional, these copper tumblers are a great accessory to any host or hostess’ party pantry. Not only do they keep drinks very cold, but they can glam up a boring drink collection to give your favorite party enthusiast a signature style.
Price: $99 via Napastyle

Recommended by Cathleya Schroeckenstein, editor-in-chief, WeddingBee

Pierrepont Place Chip and Dip

With help from Kate Spade’s New York collection, your favorite party-thrower can even make her dips couture. Nickel-plated with exquisite designs, this beautiful piece absolutely belongs in the home of anyone who likes to serve guests in style.

Price: $150 via Bloomingdale’s

Recommended by Robin Zachary, contributing home editor, Bridal Guide Magazine

Glass Domes

Every great hostess knows that it is all about having versatile, functional pieces in the home. These glass domes will not only keep baked goods fresh, but they can also do double duty as a striking centerpiece for your tablescape. Plus, for an extra cost you can personalize your gift by having it etched with your hosts’ monogram so they can really leave their mark on their events.

Price: $19 to $29 via Pottery Barn

Recommended by Christina Friedrichsen, Intimate Weddings

Floating Blocks Table Runner

When shopping to fit someone else’s style, it is always good to go back to basics. With this perfectly neutral table runner, you can help your favorite hostess perfectly accent any party they are hosting.

Price: $86 via Leif

Recommended by Vané Broussard, editor, Brooklyn Bride LLC

Personalized Lucite Tray

When it comes to rocking the host on your list’s world, it comes down to two things: style and functionality. With gifts like these personalized Lucite trays, you are not only getting a useful product to help your host serve guests with ease, you’re getting a beautiful accent for any room!

Price: $58 available via Etsy

Recommended by Jessica Bishop, founder/editor, The Budget Savvy Bride

Artist Palette Cheese Tray

Talk about making serving an art form! This artist palette is a colorful accent to any party and really helps you get the host on your list something they will definitely appreciate. With this gift they can now artistically and effortlessly present their appetizers just by placing them on this cool plate!

Price: $29.95 via Fishs Eddy

Recommended by Marisa LaScala, articles editor, Westchester Magazine

Odd Fun Number Plates

If you have a quirky hostess on your list, these plates will match their style perfectly. The fun plates are perfect for appetizers and can be worked into any theme or simply used as party decoration for a unique and functional accent.

Price: $130 via Christopher Jagmin

Recommended by Patricia Handschiegel, founder and CEO, Condiment Media Company

Modern Marble Brass Serving Tray

For the host on your list that lives for high-brow style, this classy, unique piece will serve as an amazing addition to their party pantry. Sleek and simple, this tray will easily appease and mesh well with anything the host or hostess may have.

Price: $89 via High Street Market

Recommended by Erin Hiemstra, founder, Apartment 34


What is this contraption doing on a host/hostess gift list? "Sparkling water is the basis for so many great drinks/cocktails during the holidays," says Jan Scott, food editor at Savvy Mom Media. A purchase like this will save your host a ton of time and a ton of money if they are frequent event-throwers!

Price: $129 via Sodastream USA

Recommend by Jan Scott, food editor, Savvy Mom Media

Clairebella Personalized Melamine Tray

Every good host knows that the key to a successful party is a personal touch. This is no different at all when it comes to giving a gift! These trays are completely customizable and give you reign to fit their style!

Price: $42 via Layla Grace

Recommended by Debbie, founder, Wedding Thingz

Soho Charcuterie Half Wood Tray

Treat your favorite host to a gift they will never forget. This serving tray combines functionality and style for a truly upscale serving experience. Their guests will not soon forget the rustic elegance this piece will give their party.

Price: $191 via Beatriz Ball

Recommended by Bessie Nestoras Knoblauch, senior editor, Gifts and Decorative Accessories

Agate Platter

Trimmed in gold and gorgeous for holiday parties, this gift of a unique serving tray will make their jaws drop. With this nod to the trendy upcycled rustic chic look, your recipient will be speechless when they unwrap this beauty!

Price: $58 via High Street Market

Recommended by Natalie Clause, designer and party stylist, Southern Belle's Charm

Flameless LED Candles

Sometimes a simple gift of ambiance is all a host needs to make their party package complete. You can go with a holiday-themed candle or even a submersible one to liven up a water-based centerpiece.

Price: $15 via Pier1 Imports

Recommended by Robert Hard, Business Travel Destinations

Servingware at Barney’s

Basically anything you get from the ninth floor of the New York City Barney’s store is going to be top-notch. Pieces like this resin cake stand by Tina Frey Designs will give your host a distinguished gift. If you want to give your host the gift of exclusivity and beauty, we recommend you head there!

Price: $188 via Barney’s

Recommended by Larry Scott, Lawrence Scott Events

Say the Word

Hosts can be fun and funky, too! These sassy dishes will make entertaining easy for your host — and they are Kate Spade! Who doesn’t love a great brand like that?

Price: $40 via Kate Spade

Recommended by Candice Coppola, owner and creator, Jubilee Events

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