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What to Make to Impress Your Date (Guy Version) Slideshow

What to Make to Impress Your Date (Guy Version) Slideshow

1. If She Loves Good Food: Homemade Lasagna

On the side: Caesar Salad

Why it works: This comfort food staple can easily be elevated to another level by replacing the pre-packaged noodles with fresh pasta (bought from the prepared foods section of a reputable market!). The homemade lasagna noodles aren’t gummy and don’t split apart like their mass-produced counterparts. Plus, they add a layer of understated elegance to the dish. Use “rustic” to describe the dish and that will get her thinking about vineyards and villas in the Italian countryside. A stunning and authentic flavor combination is mushrooms and artichoke hearts in a creamy béchamel.

Takeaway tip: Since you’re building a stack of lasagna sheets, tread lightly with the sauce and don’t drown each layer in the filling.

2. If She Loves Bacon…and Has a Hearty Appetite: Bacon and Cheddar Pancakes

Maryse Chevriere

(In lieu of chocolate chips in this recipe, sprinkle a handful of Cheddar cheese on each cake while cooking. Then top with maple butter.)

On the side: This dish doesn’t really need any additions, but you could always add more bacon for kicks.

Why it works: The whimsical, sweet, and salty take on breakfast-for-dinner is a great conversation piece and shows that even though you’re serious about food, you don’t take yourself too seriously. The pancake batter can be mixed ahead of time, and you’ll just sprinkle the crispy bacon and sharp Cheddar cheese on the cooking cakes just like you would do if you were making chocolate chip pancakes. It’s also perfect for anyone on a tight budget.

Takeaway tip: A little batter on the griddle goes a long ways. Just a quarter-cup of batter will yield a plate-size pancake.

3. If She’s on a Diet: A Whole Roasted Chicken

Allison Beck

On the side: A tomato and mozzarella salad drizzled with balsamic vinegar (and some corn, if in season).

Why it works: The fresh and clean ingredients are relatively low in calories, but they don’t scrimp on the flavor — because you’re cooking a whole bone-in chicken, it will be juicy, the corn will be naturally sweet, and the mozzarella will add the right balance of richness to the tomatoes. She can fill her plate with two-thirds vegetables, so she’ll feel like she’s eating a salad, but, if you’re not calorie-conscious, you can pile yours with the desirable parts of the chicken she’ll avoid: skin-on legs and thighs.

Takeaway tip: Multitask. Whether you’re cooking the chicken in the oven or on the grill, you can put the shucked corn cobs in with the bird in the last seven to 10 minutes of cooking. Then you can retrieve both at the same time. While the chicken is resting, cut the corn kernels off the cob and then sprinkle on top of the room-temperature tomato and cheese salad.

4. If She Likes Meat: Pulled Pork

On the side: Mashed Potatoes

Why it works: Because cooking a bone-in pork shoulder or butt is practically foolproof. A hulking slab of meat, slowly roasted all afternoon on low heat, will fill your abode with a barbeque aroma that will hit her the minute she walks in. It only gets better when you pull the pork from the oven. It’s caramelized and crunchy on the outside, yet remains tender on the inside. If she’s a good sport, enlist her help to pull the pork and then serve over a bed of mashed potatoes. You’ll have pounds of pork leftover, so she can go back for seconds if it’s that good.

Takeaway tip: Given its size, you’ll be able to dine on this wallet-friendly meat for the next week. Try it in pork tacos, on a biscuit with fried eggs, or in a hash.

5. If She’s Picky: Pasta Carbonara

On the side: Roasted asparagus

Why it works: Well, let’s run through the ingredients: noodles, bacon, eggs, Parmesan, and cracked pepper… What’s not to love? Even the most selective eaters find this dish hard to resist. If this doesn’t appeal to her, then it might be time to start evaluating how much you like her.

Takeaway tip: This main course comes together very fast when it’s time to add the raw egg slurry. Make sure you have the crisped bacon bits and grated Parmesan at the ready, so you can add them all to the pasta at the same time.

6. If She’s From the South: Fried Green Tomato BLTs

Yasmin Fahr

On the side: Saratoga chips (other good-quality chips can easily be purchased at a grocery or gourmet store).

Why it works: The sandwich is relatively easy to assemble, but by replacing the red tomatoes with the fried green variety, you’ll take her right back to those warm, rosy days of childhood. Because there is very little cooking involved besides pan-frying the tomatoes and, ultimately, the sandwich, the key is that the ingredients must be top notch — fresh bread, butter lettuce, and applewood-smoked bacon. You’ll also score points with her mom, who will undoubtedly hear all about the epic sandwich in a phone call from her daughter the next day.

Takeaway tip: This sandwich revolves around the crunchy, fried green tomatoes. When you’re dipping them in the buttermilk/breadcrumbs batter, make sure to use fine ground breadcrumbs because they stick to the fruit’s flesh better than larger crumbs like Panko.

7. If She’s Expecting to be Wowed: Foie Gras on Brioche Toasts

On the side: Caramelized Apple Compote

Why it works: If you want to flex your culinary chops, this is a memorable meal because, let’s be honest, no one has probably ever cooked foie gras for her before. Specialty foods shops can provide you with a cleaned, deveined slab, so all you have to do is make sure to not to overcook it. (In a hot pan, foie gras can go from perfectly cooked [at 90 seconds per side] to liquefied in no time.) Think of it as the best open-faced sandwich — toasted brioche, a thin layer of apples, the rich square of foie gras — she will ever eat.

Takeaway tip: Brioche is the best bread choice. It’s buttery, eggy texture stands up well to the foie gras’s intensity. Toast it to add a crunchy balance to the foie gras’s smoothness.

Apam Balik Recipe: How to Make Homemade Apam Balik

Apam Balik is Malaysia’s version of a pancake. It is different from the regular flour, egg and water batter pancakes you see on TV. An apam balik is usually packed with roasted nuts, creamy corn and crunchy granulated sugar. These pancakes are folded as well.

Nowadays, time has brought a new contender to the pancake game. The Apam Balik Nipis uses only 1/3 of the original amount of batter. Vendors cook up thin and crispy batches of this sweet and nutty delight. Yum!

Bacon ranch potato salad

Upgrade your potato salad with a little bacon and ranch! &mdash Photo courtesy of

Potato salad is a staple of the backyard BBQ. Jazz up this classic with a little bacon and ranch! The creaminess and tangy flavor of the ranch is perfect with the crispy saltiness of the bacon. This bacon ranch potato salad will be the most popular dish at the party.

9 Simple, But Delicious Recipes For People Who Can’t Cook

Cooking is truly an art. Some people have a knack for it, and others just don’t. And just because you’re not a culinary expert doesn’t mean you have to miss out on one of the finer things in life— delicious food.

With these recipes at your disposal, you’ll be able to dine like you actually know what you’re doing in the kitchen.

Many of these recipes are so simple that they only require one pot or pan to whip them up. So, chef or no— let’s enjoy some good food, shall we?

Check out 9 recipes that are so simple, anyone could make them!

Easy Date-Night Recipes to Try Next

It&rsquos said that if a couple can successfully collaborate in the kitchen, then it&rsquos meant to be. So, if you have a romantic dinner idea for two at home , you may as well invite your date over a little earlier to prepare the meals together and see if that special someone makes a good sous chef. Or, if you&rsquore looking to plan a fun at-home date night , put your partner&rsquos culinary skills to the test and bond while making a simple yet delicious meal.

From hearty, comforting dishes to vegan and healthy alternatives, these date-night recipes make staying in worthwhile. Grab a knife, put on your apron, and whip up these easy date-night recipes to create a fine-dining experience in the comfort of your home.

How to Impress an Italian Guy

There’s a joke floating around the interwebs that goes something like this:
Q: How do you impress an Italian girl?
A: You wine her, dine her, hug her, support her, compliment her, suprise her, smile at her, hold her, romance her, laugh with her, shop with her, cuddle her, go to the end of the earth for her…
Q: How do you impress an Italian guy?
A: You show up naked. And bring beer.
Now, frankly I think that joke works better for other nationalities where beer is more of a national drink than it is in Italy (not to mention the fact that this joke sort of works for just about any guy on earth, am I right?). But besides that, there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re trying to impress an Italian guy that might not be as straightforward as just “show up naked.”
No, really.
For some people, there’s an attraction to that which is different. The fact that you’re not Italian may well be the thing that makes you stand out and get noticed in the first place. But there’s a difference between standing out and truly impressing an Italian guy. In fact, many of the things that impress Italian girls are also going to impress Italian guys – with a few subtle (and not so subtle) differences.

Be Fashionable & Classy

Just as Italian girls are drawn to guys who wear the latest trends, Italian guys are more apt to notice a girl who is dressed well. This doesn’t mean you have to be outfitted in Dolce & Gabbana from head to toe (although that doesn’t hurt, if you can afford it), but it does mean you’ve got to be wearing something that represents what’s in style at the moment.
When you’re traveling, keeping up with the latest trends is tough (and probably silly), so if you’re hoping to win your Italian guy over you might try picking up one new garment – something that’s in the color displayed in every shop window, or a style you see every woman wearing. You can try scoping out the street markets that pop up usually weekly in almost every Italian town – most of them will have a few places selling cheap clothing. Just make sure what you’re buying is inexpensive without looking too cheap.
And despite the Italian woman’s penchant for dressing in a way that might seem more revealing than would be the norm in a Catholic country, wearing anything that’s too overtly sexy sends the wrong message to Italian guys. If you’re looking for a one-night stand, then by all means bear whatever you want to bear. If you want something more long-term, however, don’t wear something that screams, “I’m a loose foreigner.”

Don’t Talk About Politics

This is something that goes for both sexes in Italy, although Italian guys are more traditionally “allowed” to talk about things like politics, business, and religion. This is especially true of older generations, where women were expected to not have opinions on any of those subjects – and especially not to bring them up in conversations with men.
Younger generations of Italian guys are getting used to Italian girls with opinions, but change is a slow process. And besides that, until you know someone better it’s best to stay away from potentially sensitive topics like politics anyway (especially when politics in Italy are so incredibly confusing that it can be hard to figure out what “side” anyone’s on).

Know How to Cook

If this seems stereotypical, it is. But it’s true. (There’s a reason stereotypes are stereotypes, after all.) The thing is, there are plenty of Italian men who know their way around a kitchen, too. This is a country that knows and loves its food – so being someone who embraces Italian food and shows an interest in cooking it (the way he says is the right way) is a very good thing.
This tip comes with a caveat, however. Should you get past the first few dates and eventually become a fixture in his family, don’t ever expect your version of his mother’s recipe for anything to be heralded over hers. As far as Italians are concerned, nobody cooks like Mama. Don’t take it personally if he always says her food is best. And what’s more…

Don’t Say Anything Bad About Mom

In Italy, mothers are revered. It doesn’t matter how intrusive they are in their childrens’ lives, they’re still beyond reproach – that is, if it’s not your mother we’re talking about. No matter what your Italian man says about Mama, don’t ever join in the dogpiling. He can say she’s driving him nuts, but you can’t. It’s as simple as that.
And as a side note, Italian men have a reputation as being the quintessential “mama’s boys” – with good reason. Many Italians live at home well into adulthood (largely because living in Italy is so expensive and the unemployment rate is so high), but even if they’re still living with their parents because of financial reasons Italian guys tend to remain folded into Mama’s apron strings long after they should have cut themselves free. They’re so well-taken-care of by their mothers that there’s very little incentive to be more independent, but that’s not going to be of much consolation to you when you’re trying to woo an Italian man who is still (in many ways) a little boy.
Another random-ish side note? Because so many Italians live at home for so long, you’re not likely to get asked back to “his place” when the relationship starts to get amorous. An enormous percentage of Italians reportedly lose their virginity in cars, and an Italian guy’s automobile remains his boudoir for many years.

Be Confident, but Not Too Confident

One of the things I love about Italian women is that they’re confident – and, generally speaking, Italian guys expect the girls around them to not be shy. They won’t necessarily expect the same characteristics from a non-Italian woman as they would from Italian girls, but they’re also not going to pay much attention to a shrinking violet, either.
Italians are lively and often loud, so being quiet and introverted means you’re going to fade into the background – and, therefore, not impress any Italian guy (because he won’t even know you’re there). Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, don’t shy away from eye contact, and be sure of yourself overall.
On the flip side, however, don’t be so independent-minded that you bristle when he holds open a door for you. Chivalry is not dead in Italy. In fact, it’s a way of life. You can shower your man with attention, but let him do the same for you – let him treat you the way a gentleman is supposed treat a lady.

Learn the Language

Italians seem to know that learning their language isn’t as useful as learning English, Spanish, or even French, so they tend to be extremely pleased when people make an effort to speak a little bit of it. Younger generations in Italy usually speak English more than their parents do, a trend that will continue, but it’s always a respectful gesture to familiarize yourself with a few words and phrases of Italian to impress a guy.
For starters, learn the basic pleasantries. Then, if you know something about him, learn a phrase or two about (for instance) his home region, his favorite Italian soccer team, or maybe even the car he drives. Ask a kind Italian for help with the pronunciation if you want to, but know that even if you stumble over a word or two you’re more likely to endear yourself to him than if you didn’t try at all.

Group Dates Are Typical

While Italians do go on what you might consider to be a more typical “date” – dinner for two, maybe with a movie – they generally do first date-like encounters in small groups. It’s a way for them to be more comfortable in a potentially awkward situation and it also gives them a chance to check out the friends their would-be date hangs out with.
What this means for you is that you shouldn’t be freaked out if an Italian guy asks if you’d like to meet for drinks and then he shows up with a few buddies. You can either have some girlfriends standing by “on call” to show up at a moment’s notice, or you can demurely ask for clarification beforehand to find out if he’s going to show up alone or if you should bring some of your gal pals along, too.

Be Yourself

After a long list of tips like this, it may seem strange to find “be yourself” at the bottom – but it’s true. Because if you spend a lot of time and energy changing who you are just to impress an Italian guy, what happens when he likes the girl you’re pretending to be? Above all, while you certainly don’t want to make any cultural faux pas, you want him to like you for who you really are.
Italian guys are up-front about who they are, and they’re going to expect the same from you. They’re more likely to be straightforward when it comes to dating – if they like you, they’ll call you, without worrying about whether calling after one day seems too pushy. The good news is you won’t have to second-guess your Italian guy or try to figure out some hidden meaning to what he’s saying. He’s probably going to be delivering the honest truth, whether you’re ready for it or not.
Thanks to the following people for their help in answering the question “what does it take to impress an Italian guy?”

The Young & the Seamless

6/22/16 By Bailey Bennett

Remember when Chandler, Rachel and Joey ate a cheesecake off the floor of their hallway, because it was so damn good they couldn&rsquot stop themselves? Yeah, we&rsquove all had those desperate food moments.

Despite what the stereotypes might suggest, are all twentysomethings really that desperate for a good meal? Is Generation Y actually surviving on dry ramen and boxed mac and cheese out of laziness and lack of funds, longing for the days of Mom&rsquos delicious home cooking? Probably (hopefully) not.

Instead, we&rsquod like to think that today&rsquos twentysomethings are hungry for more: for easy, classic recipes that will get them through a long workweek, a dinner party with friends or (God forbid) a visit from the parents.

So for those nights when you want to say no to another Seamless delivery, we&rsquove got the basics covered. These are 20 of the most timeless and delicious dishes, sides, drinks and desserts every twentysomething should know how to make. Yes, they may take a bit of practice, but each recipe will help make that bumpy journey into adulthood just a little bit smoother.

100 Romantic & Simple Gestures to Show Your Love on Valentine’s Day

Well, it’s here. Valentine’s Day (landing on a Friday) has arrived and whether you’re looking to bust out the full romance works to turn up the heat tonight, chill with something low-key or you kind of lost track of time and are freaking out about how to not royally upset your SO, we’ve got a few ideas about how you can make the day special.

Though you might be hard-pressed to find someone who will actually turn away a box of chocolates, there are plenty of other things you can do to show your love that are a million times more meaningful than buying things (especially if your love language isn’t gift giving). To help you lovebirds out, we’ve come up with 100 small, easy and inexpensive ways to show a little love and affection this Valentine’s Day. (Pro-tip: You can do a few of these smaller ones any day and instantly be a more thoughtful partner.)

Remember, the simplest things can go a long way in your relationship.

100. Send your sweetie a sweet, short and sexy text or email. (Not to a work email!)

99. Leave a little note in his/her briefcase or laptop bag so they will find it when they get to work.

98. When your significant other gets home, be waiting in the bedroom dressed in your favorite sexy lingerie (or nothing at all!)&hellip you know what happens next.

97. Plan a surprise outing! Start with dinner at your partner’s favorite restaurant, then reveal tickets to a show or sports game.

96. Do the chore he/she hates the most. Acts of service are no joke! Taking on the work that they wouldn’t want to do (icky dry food on dishes? unclogging the drain?) is a sweet way to let them know you’re a team and you get it.

95. Surprise him/her with that special something they have been coveting (no matter how big or small).

94. Send flowers or cookies for no reason at all.

93. Take the dog for a walk or complete another “chore” your partner usually tackles.

92. Stock the fridge with his/her favorite beer or wine and the shelves with his/her favorite snacks.

91. Stop by your sweetie’s office around lunchtime with his/her favorite noontime nosh.

90. Take a drive together &mdash car trips provide some of the best time for talking one-on-one.

89. Snuggle after sex &mdash even if you are tired.

88. Give a back massage.

87. Offer a foot rub &mdash without asking for one in return!

86. Fill up your partner’s gas tank.

85. If he/she comes home after a night with friends way past the time he/she said they would, let it go.

84. Make breakfast in bed.

83. Stay in bed all day &mdash pajamas optional.

82. Take a late-night, hand-in-hand stroll around your neighborhood.

81. Sign up for a class you know he/she has wanted to take together.

80. Make up silly nicknames for each other that you only call each other in private!

79. Make a mouse pad (or a mug or a calendar) with your picture on it (or your pet’s picture).

78. Start a new hobby together.

77. Do something nice for his/her mother, brother, sister, etc.

76. Let him/her pick the movie this time.

75. Make a special dinner.

74. When your sig-o gets home, hand him/her a glass of wine, sit down together and talk about your days.

73. Do chores or errands without being asked and without complaining.

72. Put the toilet seat down (or up) with a funny/cute/snarky Post-it note.

71. Leave a note on the bathroom mirror so he/she will see it first thing in the morning.

69. Leave a note for your sig-o to meet at his/her favorite bar or club. When he/she arrives, do some fun role-play and pretend you are meeting for the first time.

68. Wash his/her car and leave a love note on the air freshener.

67. Do his/her laundry if you don’t usually own this chore.

66. Recreate your first date &mdash then recall all the feelings you had for each other that very first night.

65. Make a creative coupon book (free massage, free night out with the guys, etc.) without an expiration date!

64. Book a couple’s massage.

63. Plan a romantic getaway to a bed and breakfast.

62. Dedicate a day to the one you love &mdash plan a day filled with his/her favorite things.

61. Plan a surprise party.

60. Send him/her a nice (or naughty!) card. Even if you live together, mail it!

59. Take out the trash. Again, this only works if you don’t usually do it.

58. Buy a calendar and fill it with important dates (our first dinner together, our three-year anniversary, etc.).

57. Have a romantic/sexy photo session done together or have sexy pictures taken of yourself and make a private album for your partner.

56. Make a big deal out of the holidays.

55. Scatter rose petals on the bed

54. If he/she has to work late, have his/her favorite takeout delivered to the office, and prepay, of course!

53. Have a talk about the future and let him/her know that he/she is a part of it (even if you’re married, this is a nice reminder).

52. Buy his/her favorite perfume or cologne, and simply put it in the medicine cabinet for him/her to discover.

51. Declare a day of the week “your” day &mdash always spend that day together, even if you just snuggle on the couch together.

A version of this article was originally published in February 2011.

Strawberry & Cream Croissant French Toast For Your Weekend Brunch

Those with a creative eye know firsthand that inspiration is all around us. Whether you're energized by the earth tones of nature, a color-filled walk through a local farmer's market, or even by a quick scroll through Instagram, you never know what might spark a new creative project.

In the spirit of inspiring your next masterpiece, we're excited to partner with Bounty to fuel the next generation of artists and designers forward by launching a national design competition. We're calling on graphic designers to apply for a chance to see their work featured on a new Brit + Co and Bounty paper towel collection, set to launch in 2022.

Aside from the incredible exposure of having your illustrations on paper towels that'll be in stores across America next year, you'll also receive $5,000 for your art a scholarship for Selfmade, our 10-week entrepreneurship accelerator to take your design career to the next level (valued at $2,000) and a stand alone feature on Brit + Co spotlighting your artistry as a creator.

The Creatively You Design Competition launches Friday, May 21, 2021 and will be accepting submissions through Monday, June 7, 2021.


Who Should Apply: Women-identifying graphic designers and illustrators. (Due to medium limitations, we're not currently accepting design submissions from photographers or painters.)

What We're Looking For: Digital print and pattern designs that reflect your design aesthetic. Think optimistic, hopeful, bright — something you'd want to see inside your home.

How To Enter: Apply here, where you'll be asked to submit 2x original design files you own the rights to for consideration. Acceptable file formats include: .PNG, .JPG, .GIF, .SVG, .PSD, and .TIFF. Max file size 5GB. We'll also ask about your design inspiration and your personal info so we can keep in touch.

Artist Selection Process: Panelists from Brit + Co and P&G Bounty's creative teams will judge the submissions and select 50 finalists on June 11, 2021 who will receive a Selfmade scholarship for our summer 2021 session. Then, up to 8 artists will be selected from the finalists and notified on June 18, 2021. The chosen designers will be announced publicly in 2022 ahead of the product launch.

For any outstanding contest Qs, please see our main competition page. Good luck & happy creating!

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This book is a nice, humorous cookbook for dudes for know a bit about cooking and are looking for relatively simply recipes to eat well, impress dudettes or feed the family. The recipes require pretty standard pantry ingredients. Some knowledge of kitchen lore is also needed. For instance, it would be very useful to know what "creaming the butter" means in the baking recipes.

The recipes I've tried out came out very well. My favorite is the chocolate chip cookie recipe which has a few ingredients not found in the average chocolate chip cookies. The ingredients (malt powder and instant espresso) added quite a kick and another dimension to the cookie! The book also contains a few eclectic recipes, such as the one where you use a dishwasher to cook salmon! I have to admit that I haven't tried this one because I don't have a dishwasher.

Overall, this book is a good starting point for guys who want to expand their repertoire other than a can of Boyardee. If it fails to impress the dudettes, at least you'll get better nutrition!