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Starbucks is Taking Over The World

Starbucks is Taking Over The World

The coffee mega-chain has revealed plans for massive international expansion, primarily in Asia

All that caffeine is giving Starbucks the jolt it needs to open over 1,000 new stores, reports that Yakima Herald. Although it's the largest coffee chain in the world, Starbucks is not content with its 11,000 US and 7,000 international locations, and has set its sights on further growth by opening up more locations worldwide.

Last month, Starbucks said it planned to open 1,200 stores in the next fiscal year, beginning in October. That number averages out to about 3 stores a day. More than half of these new locations will open outside the United States. The chain seems to be focusing much of its attention on Asia, with plans for 500 new stores; more than half of those planned will be in China. "We’re in the early stages of growth in Asia," John Culver, the president of Starbucks’ China and Asia Pacific region, told the Yakima Herald. "It represents the fastest and largest retail growth opportunity in the company’s foreseeable future."

Starbucks is also looking to expand in Brazil, Australia and South Korea. The first location in India will also open this fall, after five years of delays.