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Assorted salad with beetroot

Assorted salad with beetroot

Boil the potatoes in their skins, then cut them into cubes

Carrots are steamed then cut into slices, or they can be soaked in a little oil, salt and a little water and then cut (as it is easier)

Cut the red pepper into cubes

I buy the prepared beets (it is in a vacuum or jar or you buy it fresh and boil it) rather than cut it into thin slices and then so that the pink color does not combine very well in the other vegetables, mix well with olive oil before

pickled watermelon is cut into pieces, cubes I also buy it in a jar

onions are cut into small pieces, the peas are drained and the juice is taken out of the box

When all is ready mix all together, and put ground pepper, salt ......... is an extraordinarily tasty salad

PS: the first if when I ate I really liked that great combination