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Pan-Roasted Chicken with Carrots and Almonds

Pan-Roasted Chicken with Carrots and Almonds

Creamy without being heavy, a dollop of lemony yogurt brings the dish together.


  • 1 pound small carrots (about 12), peeled
  • 1/2 cup coarsely chopped almonds
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil, divided
  • Kosher salt, freshly ground pepper
  • 4 skin-on, bone-in chicken breasts (3-4 pounds total)
  • 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 small shallot, finely chopped
  • 2 tablespoons coarsely chopped fresh tarragon

Recipe Preparation

  • Preheat oven to 375°. Toss carrots, almonds, honey, and 2 tablespoons oil on a large rimmed baking sheet; season with salt and pepper. Roast, tossing occasionally, until carrots are tender, 15-20 minutes.

  • Meanwhile, heat remaining 2 tablespoons oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Season chicken with salt and pepper. Cook chicken, skin side down, until golden brown, 5-8 minutes. Turn chicken over, transfer skillet to oven, and roast until cooked through, 10-15 minutes longer.

  • While chicken and carrots are roasting, mix yogurt and lemon juice in a small bowl. Season with salt and pepper.

  • Remove chicken and carrots from oven; transfer chicken to a large plate. Add carrots, shallot, and tarragon to skillet and toss to coat in pan drippings. Serve with lemon yogurt.

,Photos by Hirsheimer Hamilton

Nutritional Content

4 servings, 1 serving contains: Calories (kcal) 580 Fat (g) 25 Saturated Fat (g) 4.5 Cholesterol (mg) 160 Carbohydrates (g) 23 Dietary Fiber (g) 4 Total Sugars (g) 15 Protein (g) 66 Sodium (mg) 380Reviews Section

Sweet-and-Spicy Sheet Pan Chicken with Cauliflower and Carrots Recipe

There&rsquos nothing quite as satisfying as a sheet pan supper that&rsquos high on flavor and low on cleanup. This tangy sheet pan chicken supper gets a little kick from cayenne pepper that&rsquos balanced in the sauce with caramelized grapes. Roasted cauliflower and carrots offer a savory touch to the dinner, while couscous makes it hearty and healthy. Since the chicken is bone-in, it takes a little longer to roast than thin filets but the amount of flavor in the end is more than worth it! The seedless grapes are definitely the secret ingredient in this dish. They melt and caramelize while roasting, adding a subtle hint of sweetness to the sauce.

Can I make the carrots in advance like a day ahead of a holiday party? Yes. These carrots can be made a day or two ahead. Simply reheat them in a 300 degree F oven until warmed or in the microwave. Keep them warm by covering them in a serving bowl with a lid, foil, or plastic wrap.

I only have large carrots on hand, how do I prepare them? Be sure to cut up any extra-large end, as the big thick ones by simply cutting them in half lengthwise. It’s ideal that the carrots are near similar size to roast evenly.

I want to add other vegetables to the mix, what do you suggest? Vegetables range greatly in roasting temperatures. If wanting to add other vegetables, it’s important to know how long and at what temperature they cook the best. Unless you have roasted other vegetables and they take relatively the same time and the same temperature, it’s best to use a separate pan for roasting to have more control of the cooking process.

How long does it take to roast carrots? Just 25-30 minutes is all that’s needed to have perfectly fork tender carrots.

Here are 18 delicious and healthy almond recipes to give you some inspiration.

NOTE: A few of these recipes are low carb and/or keto-friendly, but not all of them are, so please read ingredients and nutritional information (where provided) before consuming any of these recipes if you’re on a specialized eating plan.
You can use the collage to save all of these recipes to your favorite Pinterest board, or click on the photos or links to your favorites and save and/or print them out individually.

Blueberry Almond Smoothie

Almond Joy Smoothie Bowl (Full Belly Sisters)

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Homemade Almond Butter (Culinary Ginger)

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3. Grilled Greek Chicken Salad

This salad isn&rsquot your ordinary appetizer.

First of all, it&rsquos loaded with romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, olives, avocado, and feta.

From that alone, you can tell how flavorful and colorful this salad is!

Then, there&rsquos the protein. What could taste better with a salad than grilled chicken thighs?

Seasoned with oregano, basil, thyme, paprika, and garlic powder, the chicken is not only tender and juicy but also packed with flavor.

Tying it all together is a rich and creamy tzatziki dressing made of Greek yogurt, buttermilk, dill, lemon, garlic, and pepper.

Toss all the ingredients in a bowl, and you&rsquoll get one heck of an appetizer.

Simple Ingredients

A few simple ingredients make this scrumptious baked chicken dinner in no time. I love that it is a complete pan meal, easy chicken and veggies and so does my family.

Leaving the skin-on and bone-in while cooking adds amazing flavor to this simple chicken dinner. We love meals like this, it can be a quick weekday dinner if your family is running here or there like we often are!

It can also be an easy weekend dinner when you just don&rsquot feel like spending hours in the kitchen!

White Wine for Cooking

After you’ve browned the chicken and removed it from the pot, you’ll want to sauté a mix of diced onion and garlic.

After the onion and garlic are added to the pot, a splash of white wine is poured in to help deglaze the pan and scrape up all those glorious bacon bits that are stuck to the bottom of the pan.

That’s really as fancy as the base for the white wine sauce gets, but after you taste it, you’d think the ingredient list would have been a whole lot longer.

What wine is good for cooking chicken?

A crisp, dry white wine is always best for cooking chicken. I enjoy using sauvignon blanc when I make this chicken in white wine sauce.

Contrary to some people’s opinion, you don’t have to use an expensive bottle of wine for dishes like this.

That said, I like to choose something decent that I can happily drink afterwards with the dish as well.

Creamy Heaven

Once the pan has been deglazed, the chicken is added back into the pan, along with the carrots/mushrooms, and a more generous helping of white wine.

This mixture simmers away for about 35 minutes until the heavy cream is added. Mmm, this is where the goodness happens.

Yes, you could make chicken in white wine sauce with no cream, but what’s the fun in that? You’d get none of the the thickness and richness of a cream sauce.

The cream is added in the last 10 minutes of the recipe. Once the cream has been added, the contents of the dish are left to simmer and bubble for the final 10 minutes.

The sauce will reduce and become thick and luscious.

It’s perfect for dipping a crusty French baguette in. A sprinkle of fresh chopped parsley is the finishing touch before you can dig in.

Roast Chicken and Vegetables with Almond Pilaf

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees . Arrange the chicken, onions and carrots in an even layer on a foil-lined baking sheet. Toss with the olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Roast, turning the baking sheet halfway through, until the chicken juices run clear when the chicken is pierced, about 35 minutes.

Meanwhile, in a medium saucepan, bring the rice and 1 1/2 cups salted water to a boil. Lower the heat, cover and simmer until the water is absorbed, about 20 minutes. Remove from the heat and let rest, covered, for 5 minutes. Fluff with a fork, then stir in the almonds and parsley season with salt and pepper. Transfer to a platter, top with the chicken and vegetables and spoon the pan juices on top.

How To Make Perfect Bundt Pan Roast Chicken

1 whole chicken (about 5-6 pounds)
4 carrots, peeled
1 onion
1 lemon
10-15 petite red potatoes
4 sprigs fresh thyme
2 bay leaves
2 Tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper, to taste

Step 1 – Prep

Start by removing the giblets or anything else from the inside of the chicken, then season the interior of the bird with salt and pepper. Set the chicken aside for now.

Every once in a while, I have one of those days where time gets away from me, and suddenly it’s dinnertime. Generally, this means my kids are hovering . Continue Reading

Next, use a sharp knife to cut the carrots and onion into large chunks (about 1-2” in size). Cut the lemon into quarters.

Step 2 – Fill

Add the carrot pieces, onion pieces, quartered lemon, red potatoes, thyme sprigs, and bay leaves to a bundt pan. Drizzle olive oil, salt, and pepper over the top and toss until everything is evenly coated.

Next, cover the hole in the center of the bundt pan with a piece of tin foil. Then position the chicken so that cavity rests over the hole and the chicken is in a sturdy, upright position. Rub olive oil over the outside of the chicken, and season it well with salt and pepper.

Step 3 – Cook

Place the bundt pan in your oven and bake at 400°F for 15 minutes per pound of chicken until cooked through. (My chicken was just over 6 pounds, so I cooked it for 1 hour 45 minutes.)

Keep an eye on the chicken while it cooks to make sure the skin doesn’t overcook. If it looks like it’s getting a bit dark in places, just cover the crispy parts with some tin foil to keep it from going over.

For some reason I'm CRAVING chicken tonight! :-) We eat a lot of chicken at our house! There are lots of reasons for this. not the least being we . Continue Reading

When the chicken is done cooking (or the internal temperature reaches 160°F), let it rest at room temperature for 15 minutes before carving into it.

Bonus Step – Make Gravy!

Make a simple roux of flour and butter (or cornstarch and butter to make it gluten free). Add the roux to the drippings from the bottom of the bundt pan and whisk until thickened.

Pour your lemon-y chicken gravy liberally over your bundt pan roast chicken and veggies. Yum!

Reviews ( 136 )

In the six years I've lived in the Netherlands, I've not been able to find split chicken breasts - boneless skinless is pretty much it. So instead I decided to try with a whole chicken. I don't think the result was as intended. I would try this again if I could find the proper chicken pieces but not with a whole chicken.

Just google Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup and there are heaps of them available.

I use skinless boneless chicken breasts, sliced in half, sliced mushrooms, red & Yukon Gold potatoes. In the lemon mixture I added some fresh dill. Sprinkle with paprika and last 2-4 mins brown under the broiler. To save clean up time. line your baking dish/pan with foil. Vary the veggies. I have added sweet potatoes, zucchini, carrots, red peppers.

I thought this was great - but I used boneless skinless chicken & it didn't brown. I omitted the potatoes but added sliced mushrooms and the veggies were fabulous! I also vested the lemon before I juiced it. Next time I'm going to slice a red pepper too - will not only taste great, but will be beautiful!

I agree, BONX82. We made this tonight and the lemon was waaaaaaay over powering and the zest from the lemon ruin the taste of the beans and potatoes. I recommend to mix a little lemon with your oil but DO NOT put the lemon slices in the pan and cook with your meal!!

I made this last night and my entire family LOVED it. I added extra green beans and potatoes since my family eats a lot and I added a bit of extra salt and pepper. I used seven or eight bone-in chicken thighs instead of breasts since the thighs were on sale. As soon as my boyfriend took his first bite, he immediately requested that I make it again! The only thing I will change next time is to add a bit less olive oil.

I am searching for Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup . Do you have this recipe? If anyone know how to prepare this recipe please let me know.

My family loved this recipe. I used boneless, skinless chicken breast and added a tsp of chicken bullion. I baked it for 45 minutes.

I used Coconut oil in the pan - Avocado oil in the dressing & added 1 Tbsp Dijon Mustard to the Dressing.

Made This recipe using a cut-up whole chicken. It was delicious and has become a favorite. I leave out the potato and add broccoli as well as the green beans. I also cut back just a bit on the olive oil.

What a disappointment! This was very bland and the zest from the lemon peels on the bottom made the sauce waaaay too tart and overpowering. Start this recipe again. Squeeze a BIT of lemon in your olive oil mixture, more than double the salt, toss everything in the olive oil mixture and hopefully you'll have something savory to serve for dinner.

Recipe was good, and this was definitely an easy meal to make on a week night. Too much lemon flavor for me though. It seemed to overpower every other flavor in the dish. I would suggest only using 1 lemon, or using a lemon pepper marinade instead.

I found this recipe cooked the green beans way more than I like--I'd cook them separately in the future and spoon some of the juice of the chicken over them.

This is a favorite recipe that I make for my elderly parents and myself. We do love lemon and have never felt it was too much. I have used chicken breasts and chicken thighs. I usually remove the skin to cut down on the fat and throw in some other herbs. I have used basil, oregano, rosemary and paprika. I don't think you can go wrong. I do leave out the salt. For those who think it is too lemony I think they should leave out the lemon slices. I love them and eat them as well. I will try adding some other vegetables next time. Thanks for the tip!

So, I tried this recipe and based on some of the comments I read here first, I made some alterations. It was probably one of the best dishes I ever made. First, I used red potatoes, broccoli, asparagus and baby carrots. Chopped it all up, made essentially two batches of the 'sauce' and tossed it all together and put in the oven. I made a third batch of 'sauce' and marinated the chicken (I used skinless chicken breasts as well) for about 15-20 minutes in the fridge while the veggies started to cook. I added the chicken to the oven for the remainder of the time and the entire thing was bursting with flavor. It was so good. I think marinating the chicken and and giving the veggies more time on the front end really made the difference. The only thing I would change next time is probably that I would put the potatoes and carrots in for 15 minutes first, then add the broccoli and asparagus, maybe wait another 10 minutes and put the chicken in.