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Chicken breasts with grappa

Chicken breasts with grappa

Recipe Chicken breasts with grappa di of 26-01-2008 [Updated on 28-08-2018]

Old cookbooks are always a source of great inspiration. I discovered this recipe for chicken breasts with grappa by browsing through one of my mom's cookbooks and the surprise of the goodness of the cream and grappa sauce was a happy discovery. Try and then tell me;)


How to make Grappa-style chicken breasts

In a non-stick pan, melt the butter along with the sage.

Flour the chicken breasts and brown them in butter and sage.

When almost cooked, deglaze with the grappa over high heat, add salt and pepper.

Now add the cooking cream, lower the heat and cook for about 2 minutes, until all the sauce thickens.

Arrange the grappa-style chicken breasts on plates and coat them with the cooking juices.

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