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Cream of zucchini

Cream of zucchini

Cream of zucchini cream recipe of 27-08-2013 [Updated on 08-08-2017]

Who said that soups can only be prepared in winter? In fact, this morning I give you my mom's recipe to prepare a light and delicate cream of zucchini that we eat in the summer, even if it's just warm, to enrich it you can add parmesan or a drop of cream at the end, it will be less light but equally delicious: D This morning, in addition to work, I have to devote myself to a very important thing, in 2 days it is Elisa's birthday and this year I want to prepare her a 2-tier cake entirely covered with sugar paste, the model I chose to follow is a a little more complicated than the cakes I previously prepared and not having much familiarity with cake design I have to start studying, to avoid messes, so I leave you and I get to work, have a nice day: *


How to make zucchini soup

Wash the vegetables. Peel the potatoes, trim the courgettes and cut everything into cubes

Slice the onion and brown it in a pan with a drizzle of oil

Add the potatoes, courgettes and basil to the pot and cook in a couple of minutes

Add salt, cover with water and cook for about twenty minutes

Once ready, transfer everything to a blender and blend

Season with pepper, add a drizzle of raw oil and serve your zucchini soup

Video: Italian Grandma Makes Zucchini Soup (September 2021).