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Bonci pizza

Bonci pizza

Pizza bonci recipe by of 25-01-2014 [Updated on 05-04-2019]

After hearing so much about the Pizza Bonci, or the pizza in a pan prepared according to the recipe of the Roman pizza maker Gabriele Bonci, I decided to prepare it myself and after 24 hours of leavening here I am with my result. The dough is soft, well alveolated and very digestible but for me as a Neapolitan, this is not a pizza, but an excellent focaccia identical to the one I eat by the electric oven or that I ate in Rome in the pizzerias in the center . I made half the dose, just right for an oven dish and I stuffed the bonci pizza with cherry tomatoes and smoked cheese and at home we licked our chops. I leave you to the recipe and I wish you a happy Saturday, pelvis


How to make bonci pizza

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Put the flour and half the water in a bowl and mix with a fork.

Dissolve the yeast in a little water and add it to the dough, mix until you get a grainy mixture.

Add the salt, oil and the rest of the water and always mix with a fork.

At this point, let the dough rest in the bowl covered with a cloth for 10 minutes.

Turn the dough upside down on a surface sprinkled with semolina and close by making two folds taking the dough from the sides.

Then take the dough and put it back in the bowl sprinkled with a drizzle of oil, with the side closed by the folds facing down.

Cover with a bit of cling film and leave to rest on the lowest shelf of the fridge for 20/24 hours.

Now remove the pasta from the fridge and leave it to cool to room temperature for 1 hour.

Turn the dough over onto the floured surface with the semolina.

Now spread it out by spreading it with your hands.

Move it onto the baking sheet sprinkled with a drizzle of oil and let the bonci pizza rest for about 3-4 hours, covered with plastic wrap.

Now season the pizza as you prefer and bake in a preheated oven at 250 ° C, cook for 10 minutes then lower the temperature to 230 ° C and continue cooking for another 10 minutes.

Serve the bonci pizza.

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