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Almond ice cream

Almond ice cream

Almond Ice Cream Recipe of of 13-05-2013 [Updated on 27-08-2018]

The almond ice cream was a last minute experiment, I didn't have time to melt the milk with the sugar on the stove and then put the mixture to cool for 4 hours before making the ice cream, so I tried to use all of them the ingredients already cold from the fridge and use the icing sugar that melts when cold, I then added some home made almond praline and I got a delicious almond ice cream! I know that many of you don't have an ice cream maker, and I'm sorry to put these recipes by cutting out a part of you, but know that before having my little gem, I made ice cream by hand, put the mixture in the freezer and then a once frozen, I cut the mixture into pieces, broke the crystals every hour and then whisk it at the end in a food processor before serving it, I know it's not convenient but maybe you want to try it anyway;) I greet you and I start opera, a dock and later :)


How to make almond ice cream

Prepare the praline almonds by placing the almonds with sugar and honey in a pan

Melt everything, stirring until it reaches the boiling point

Turn off, transfer to a surface or a bowl and allow to cool

Now prepare the ice cream mixture by mixing the cream, milk, almond milk (all liquids must be cold in the fridge) and vanilla icing sugar.
Pour the mixture into the ice cream maker and work on speed 1 for 15 minutes or according to the settings of your ice cream maker

Chop the caramelized almonds and add 3/4 of them to the ice cream and knead the mixture again for a couple of minutes

Serve the almond ice cream in bowls decorating with caramelized almonds kept aside.

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