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Pasta With Swordfish

Pasta With Swordfish

Pasta recipe with swordfish of of 02-05-2012 [Updated on 21-02-2018]

With the Pasta With Swordfish I combined 2 ingredients that I really like, swordfish and green olives; I then added some tomatoes, pine nuts and chives and I prepared a first summer dish that my husband and I liked so much.With the mild temperatures of these days, a first course based on fish was just what we needed. He wanted.
Today, after 4 days of slow pace, resuming the hectic routine is even more difficult, but real life is this, services, work, traffic and stress, not days at the beach and trips to the zoo;)
But there is a positive side to this day, it is the birthday of one of the best women I know, an exemplary grandmother, blog reader and my great supporter ... my mom!
Today is her birthday and I dedicate the recipe of the day to her (even if it is a simple pasta with swordfish) while waiting to close the office and go to prepare the birthday cake;) Best wishes mom also here on the blog !


How to make pasta with swordfish

Remove the skin and central bone from the fish and cut into cubes

Fry a clove of garlic in a large pan with the oil, once golden, lift it and add the pieces of swordfish.

Cook for 5 minutes then blend with the white wine and add the cherry tomatoes

Cook another 5 minutes, season with salt and pepper and add the green olives cut into rings and the chopped chives.

Toast the pine nuts in a pan with a drizzle of oil and add them to the sauce

Now pour the pasta you have cooked into a pot with plenty of salted water and toss it in the pan.

Serve the pasta with the swordfish on the plates, adding another sprinkling of pepper and more chives

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