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Pralin almonds

Pralin almonds

Recipe praline almonds by of 17-12-2015 [Updated on 30-05-2016]

Praline almonds are balls of almonds and sugar that can be found in all amusement parks or festivals. Since I discovered that there is a recipe to make them at home in a simple way and without special techniques, it has become my obsession. So the other afternoon I started cooking and with a little patience and half an hour of time I made my first praline almonds. They turned out to be perfect and I immediately prepared some bags, so as to include them among the home made gifts that I prepared this year for friends and relatives at Christmas. In addition to almonds, you can use the same recipe to make caramelized hazelnuts or peanuts or maybe a nice mix of dried fruit;)
Here is the recipe that I followed, try it and you will see what a fantastic result, a basin and good continuation of the day: *

  • Ingredients for 4 people:


How to make praline almonds

Put the almonds in a non-stick pan together with the sugar, cocoa and water.

Cook over medium heat by melting the sugar.

When the sugar has dissolved completely, start stirring continuously with the wooden spoon.
The sugar will start to crystallize first.

Continue stirring until the almonds become shiny and begin to detach from each other.

Then put the praline almonds on a dripping pan lined with baking paper. Let them cool completely.

Then they will be ready to be enjoyed.

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