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Lemon Treats

Lemon Treats

Lemon Delights Recipe of of 27-04-2010 [Updated on 11-07-2018]

Lemon delights are a lemon dessert typical of the Sorrento peninsula, conceived by the Sorrentine pastry chef Carmine Marzuillo in 1978, and re-proposed and reproduced by the most famous Italian and non-Italian pastry chefs. Lemon delights are small sponge cakes filled with lemon cream, dipped in a limoncello-based syrup, and covered with a delicate citrus glaze. After a first version prepared on the nose, I decided to prepare them again following the recipe of Salvatore De Riso's lemon delights, it was a hard job, but it was worth it, a fresh, fragrant, citrusy dessert, perfect for my tastes.


How to make lemon delights

Preparation of the sponge cake
Separate the yolks from the whites.
Beat the egg whites until stiff, adding 50 g of sugar a little at a time

Whip the egg yolks with the remaining 40 g of sugar until a frothy dough is obtained. Slowly combine the flour, starch, chopped almonds, baking powder, lemon and vanilla
Finally add the beaten egg whites and mix them with a wooden spoon from bottom to top.

Pour the mixture into dome-shaped molds
Bake at 170 ° in a preheated oven for 15 minutes
Turn the mold upside down on a wire rack and let it cool

Preparation of the lemon cream
Mix the egg yolks with the sugar
then add 40 g of lemon juice

Cook until it thickens, then add the butter and mix until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

Preparation of the custard
Beat the egg yolks with the sugar

add the cornstarch

Then the milk and cream and mix with a whisk.

Transfer the mixture to the heat and cook the cream by adding a lemon peel.
Cook the lemon cream over low heat, stirring constantly to avoid lumps.
As soon as the cream begins to thicken, remove the lemon juice and add the filtered lemon juice. Stir firmly to create lumps and turn off the flame.

Then add the lemon cream and mix until blended with the custard. Let it cool down
As soon as the lemon cream has cooled completely, add 100 g of whipped cream and a glass of limoncello.

Preparation of the wet
Put the water with the sugar and the peel of two lemons in a saucepan. After a few minutes add the limoncello.

Final preparation of the dessert

Wet each dome and its base and fill the domes with the prepared cream.

As you fill the lemon delights, arrange them on a plate.
Preparation of the covering cream
To the leftover cream add the limoncello and milk and mix everything together.
The consistency of the limoncello cream should be similar to that of a fluid béchamel.

Then cover the cakes with the icing obtained. Decorate the lemon delights with whipped cream.

Refrigerate for 1 hour before serving

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