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Stuffed Colomba

Stuffed Colomba

Recipe Colomba stuffed with of 21-04-2019

There stuffed dove is my Easter proposal this year. After proposing sweet and savory colomba, I still missed the stuffed version. You can use this recipe to bring to the table a variation on the theme of the classic dessert for Easter lunch, like me today, in case you miss a dessert at the last minute, since the recipe is very quick. Or you can use it after the holidays as a recycling idea to consume some doves that came to you during the holidays and you couldn't eat. Obviously you can vary the filling as you prefer: I have chosen a very delicate one, one colomba stuffed with mascarpone with the addition of fresh strawberries, but nothing stops you from opting for a filling with Chantilly cream, with tiramisu or even ice cream, so to speak.
If it should be left over, don't worry: keep it in the fridge and you will see that the next day it will be even better! I recommend, if you decide to try to make one stuffed Easter dove, let me know which filling you opted for!
In the meantime, I take this opportunity to wish you a happy Easter with your loved ones: *


How to make the stuffed dove

Whip the cold mascarpone with cream and powdered sugar until you have a smooth and swollen cream.

Clean the strawberries and cut them into slices.

Remove the paper from the dove, then divide it into 3 layers.

Stuff the first layer (with the sac-à-poche, as I did, or simply with a spatula).
Add a layer of strawberries, then proceed with the second layer of colomba, cream and strawberries.
Remember to set aside a little bit of cream and a few slices of strawberries for decoration.

Finish with the shell, exerting slight pressure for the layers to bond.

Decorate the stuffed dove with cream and leftover strawberries and keep in the fridge (or even at room temperature, if it's not hot) until ready to serve.

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