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Chickpeas and mussels pasta

Chickpeas and mussels pasta

Chickpeas and mussels pasta recipe Flavia Imperatore of 09-08-2019 [Updated on 09-08-2019]

There pasta with chickpeas and mussels it is a truly surprising first course. It is a traditional single dish from southern Italy, in particular from Puglia, famous for its dishes with mussels. The cooking with the addition of seafood water, the starch of the pasta released during cooking combined with the cream of legumes made this first course creamy and really nice and tasty. If you like pasta and beans with mussels you can't miss this variant with chickpeas, it's really mouthwatering;)
One last thing before leaving the recipe ... if you decide to start with dried chickpeas, I recommend that you remember to soak them the night before, luckily I have my mother who provides me with all the boiled legumes, so I am facilitated in the times, but then in exchange I bring you the finished dish. It seems to me a more than fair exchange, don't you think?


How to make chickpea and mussels pasta

Clean the mussels, then open them in a pan over high heat with a lid.
Shell them and strain the cooking juices, then keep it aside.

Fry the garlic, oil and chilli in a saucepan, then add the chickpeas with all the water and let them flavor.
Add the water from the mussels and cook for ten minutes.

Lift half of the chickpeas and blend until you get a smooth cream.

Drop the pasta into the remaining chickpeas and start cooking, adding more cakda water as needed.
When the pasta is almost done, add the mussels, the chickpea puree and the parsley and season with salt.

The pasta with chickpeas and mussels is ready, decorate with a couple of shells and fresh parsley and serve.

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