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Gluten free crepes

Gluten free crepes

Gluten Free Crepes Recipe of of 09-06-2018 [Updated on 11-06-2018]

The gluten-free crepes they are the perfect dough for those suffering from celiac disease but that does not want to give up some delicious ones Crepes! Prepared with rice flour and starch, these crepes are light and totally gluten free, moreover, thanks to their neutral taste, they can be accompanied either with fruit, jam or Nutella, or with salty fillings to obtain cannelloni for example.
I assure you that they have nothing to envy to the classic crepes and, once you have tried the recipe, I am sure you will agree with me. Furthermore, those who are allergic to lactose can replace cow's milk with vegetable ones, I also tried this variant and the crepes turned out really well :)


How to make gluten-free crepes

Break the eggs into a bowl and beat them.
Then add the milk and mix, then also incorporate the oil.

Separately, add the rice flour, starch, salt and baking soda.
Move everything, sifting it, into the mixture of late and eggs prepared.
Stir to prevent lumps from forming.

Put a few drops of oil in the crepe pan spreading it with absorbent paper.
Pour a ladle of batter at a time, spread it over the entire surface, and cook the crepes for 2 minutes on both sides.
Repeat the operation until you finish the batter. Gradually placing the cooked crepes on a flat plate, one on top of the other.

Your gluten-free crepes are ready, serve them as you prefer.

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