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Fried babybells

Fried babybells

Fried Babybell's Recipe of 05-11-2016 [Updated on 07-02-2018]

Yes, I know these deep-fried babybells are an American, but when I saw the video of these little bundles from the stringy filling, I couldn't resist the temptation to reproduce them myself. Well, they are exactly as I expected them, gluttonous to the limit of guilt, but every now and then there is a little mischief, don't you think?
In any case, the recipe is very simple, just wrap the small cheeses in strips of cooked ham, make a double breading and fry everything in boiling oil. To be served together with the classic fritturine or as a forerunner during a dinner with friends, these Fried BabyBell they will win you over at the first bite;)


How to make fried BabyBells

Start unwrapping the BabyBells.

Cut the slices of cooked ham into strips about 2 cm wide.
Roll each Formaggino with 2 strips of ham (alternating directions) so that they are completely wrapped.

In a small bowl, beat an egg.

Pass each Fagottino in the egg and then in the breadcrumbs.
Repeat the operation twice to obtain a double breading.

In a pan with hot oil, fry the BabyBells on both sides and transfer them to absorbent paper.

Serve your Baby Bells hot.

And here's the video

Video: Mini Babybel Fried Cheese Rounds Recipe (September 2021).