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Sautéed with sea truffles

Sautéed with sea truffles

Sautéed sea truffle recipe from of 17-12-2016 [Updated on 20-02-2018]

The Sauté of sea truffles is a simple and quick dish to make. Sauté, which in French means "jumped", is the simplest way to bring some seafood. The preparation is very quick but above all tasty thanks to the rapid cooking times that do not disperse the authentic flavor of the shellfish. Never forget to bring your sauté to the table accompanied by crunchy croutons, they will make the dish even tastier. In my house usually sea truffles, called taratufi here in Naples, they are eaten raw with a squeeze of lemon, they are so precious that it might seem a disgrace to cook them, but every now and then you have to change right?


How to make the Sauté of sea truffles

Wash the truffles well under running water, then cook them, with the lid on, in a pan with an oil, parsley, garlic and chilli.
When the seafood opens, blend it with a little white wine.

Meanwhile, prepare the croutons by cutting the bread for sandwiches into squares.
Sauté them in a pan with a little oil, browning them on both sides.
Then transfer them to the bottom of a bowl.

Place your sea truffle sauté on the croutons and serve with a sprinkling of pepper and parsley.

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