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Gianduja and almond ice cream cake

Gianduja and almond ice cream cake

Recipe Gianduia and almond ice cream cake of 02-07-2010 [Updated on 31-07-2018]

Ice cream cakes are ideal desserts to prepare in summer, this gianduja and almond ice cream cake is my latest culinary experiment. A fresh dessert, easy to prepare and spectacular, which never hurts;) The extracts that I used to prepare the ice cream cake are easily available in the shops that sell items for sweets, I used the gianduja flavor and the praline almond one, but you can use the flavor you prefer, even if I found this pairing really delicious.


How to make gianduia and almond ice cream cake

Prepare the custard by heating the milk together with the zest of a lemon.

In a bowl, whip the egg yolks with the sugar until the mixture is soft and creamy.

After having lifted the lemon zest, now add the milk slowly over the whipped eggs and put the mixture on the heat and start cooking over low heat, stirring constantly.

Cook the custard over very low heat, stirring constantly until it boils.

When the cream is ready, turn off the heat, add the gelatin sheets and mix.

Whip the cream in a bowl and once cooled, add the cream incorporating it with a wooden spoon.

Divide the mixture into two bowls, add the gianduja extract in one and the almond extract in the other

Line a 24 cm hinged mold with Pavesini biscuits soaked in a little flavored milk with a spoonful of sugar and a spoonful of liqueur (soak the pavesini only on one side and quickly otherwise they get too drenched)

Pour the gianduja ice cream over the biscuits and level as much as possible

Now pour in the almond flavor

Level the ice cream cake as much as possible then sprinkle it with chocolate curls

Place the ice cream cake in the freezer for at least two hours. Remove the ice cream cake from the mold and bring it to the table.

Cut the cake into slices and serve

Aphrodite Revolution

Ah, how good this cake is! A feast for my sensory receptors! Sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste have risen in a wave of jubilation! (For those who were thinking "what's the hearing?", I answer "And where do we put the moans of pleasure?").


100 gr of flour
90 grams of starch
250 grams of sugar
100 g of dark chocolate
140 gr butter
75 gr toasted hazelnuts
5 eggs
3 yolks
a sachet of vanillin

25 grams of sugar
100 gr dark chocolate
1.5 dl of fresh cream
apricot jelly
a dl of maraschino
a dl of rum

For the chocolate glaze
180 gr dark chocolate
80 gr sugar

For the cake: pulverize the hazelnuts in a blender, chop the chocolate and melt it in a bain-marie with 130 g of butter and vanilla. Combine the yolks, eggs, sugar in a saucepan, whip everything with an electric mixer until the mixture is light and fluffy, put the container in a bain-marie over low heat and continue to beat until it is warm. Pour it into a bowl and whisk it vigorously until it has cooled and swollen.

Incorporate 90 grams of flour, starch, hazelnuts and melted chocolate into the egg cream. Pour into a greased and floured 24 cm springform pan and bake at 190 & # 176 for 50 minutes

For the filling: melt the chocolate over low heat with the cream, let it cool, then place it in a bain-marie with water and ice and whisk the cream until it is clear and swollen. Cut the cake in half, brush the base with the mixed liqueurs, distribute the prepared cream over it, cover it with the remaining half and brush it with the 2 liqueurs.

Melt the gelatin with the sugar over low heat, then spread it over the cake and let it cool completely.

For the icing: prepare a syrup with the sugar and 0.8 dl of water off the heat, add the chopped chocolate for the covering, mix well with an electric whisk and let it cool slightly. Pour the icing into the center of the cake and, using a spatula, spread it evenly over the surface and sides of the cake. Let it dry and serve.

N.B .: Do not forget to dip the chocolate cream in water and ice: the mixture, to whip, but above all to be supported and not to sag, must be very cold while beating with the whisk.

Ideas for a variant: use bitter orange jelly instead of apricot and Grand Marnier as a liqueur.


My father Raimondo and I were leaving with the few addresses I managed to get, to meet those who had worked with my grandfather: in their eighties, nineties and even those over a hundred years old. It is true that for 15 years, that is, since the death of grandfather Gabriello, no one had thought of doing it, but I felt that now there was not a minute to lose.

But let's proceed in order: I knew very well that no matter how compelling the story was, writing a book on the ice cream industry founded by my father's father was pure utopia. I knew a part of the story, and for this I have to say thanks to my father who worked with his grandfather before starting his career as a lawyer, but I lacked testimonies about the beginnings, the foundation. What amazed me most was the lack, except for a few photographs, of documents relating to that period. Was it possible that no one in the family had kept them?

Then one morning my father and I found a key in the country house where grandmother lived, in Romano Canavese. It was tied to a medal of Saint Anthony of Padua and to a small gold crucifix from which Gabriello never separated. That key had been in the kitchen for 15 years: grandmother had never been able to find the right lock, although she had put it in more or less all the drawers and boxes. I was reminded of a travel trunk, the kind they once used, in leather and canvas, with the initials printed next to the lock, G.C., Gabriello Cecchi. The trunk was buried in the Romano Canavese cellar. As a child I used to play in that cellar, I called it the gun room because my grandfather kept the weapons he used to hunt with. The trunk was locked with a tiny padlock, which the tiny key unlocked. I found in it the whole life of Gelati Cecchi: notes, notarial deeds, and then handwritten invoices, letters from Teofilo Sanson to grandfather Gabriello, photographs, newspaper clippings, the top of the Gelati Cecchi Basket Biella signed by Rudy Bennet, old tables in enameled iron, illuminated signs, advertising sketches, cardboard cups and cone holders. There was no grandfather's diary from which to draw a book, but in that suitcase there was much more. There were the ice cream recipes with which the name Cecchi had become famous: Capriccio, Canestrino, Secchiello, Mattonella, Graziella, Nobilino, Parigina, Canguro, Mela Cha Cha Cha and the legendary Cecchino.

I could not believe it, it was a dream: in that trunk there were also the original formulas of artisanal ice cream, the ancient cream, stracciatella, gianduja and many others. Only one person in the world keeps those recipes and is a master ice cream maker from Turin, famous for the quality of his products. Grandfather Gabriello had given them to him before abandoning artisanal ice cream and devoting himself to industry. I would never have been able to ask him who still scrupulously adopts them today, for reasons of respect.

Now that I have rummaged through the trunk, studied all the photographs, read notes and letters and recipes, leafed through the albums and old advertisements, now I can say that I have met Gelati Cecchi. Fragments of endless and beginningless stories that accompanied my childhood have found their rightful conclusion and their beginning. Incomplete stories have taken shape and meaning. Disappeared objects have appeared in unexpected places. When a unique image finally emerged, it left me amazed. Because I saw grandfather Gabriello at work, at the helm of his company. As if I had been there. As if it had been there. In front of my eyes.

Of course it is a pity not to have met him at his desk, in the ultra-modern Vinovo factory, or in the ice cream parlor where it all began, in Corso Palestro al 2: an entrepreneur like him must have had some advice to give, he who arrived in Turin from Tuscany. and created one of the most important ice cream industries in Italy. Destiny wanted it to be my turn to start over. I have not abandoned the idea of ​​the book, but now the priority is to give new life to Gelati Cecchi, as grandfather imagined them in 1936, with those recipes there, and that story there, which is the story of my family.

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Today we prepare the chocolate ice cream cake with almonds, a really quick dessert to make, ideal when you want to make a good impression despite having little time available. You can use ice cream made by yourself or for a sprint version, a common tub purchased at the supermarket!

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Dry biscuits type shortbread 250 gr
Butter 125 gr
500 gr of chocolate ice cream (to make it at home click here)
200 gr of dark chocolate
100 ml of fresh cream
150 gr of chopped almonds

Preparation of the chocolate ice cream cake with almonds

To make the e ice cream cake, the first thing to do is prepare the base. Take the cookies and blend them in a blender until they are powdered.

Pour the pulverized biscuits into a bowl. Melt the butter and add it to the mixture, stirring until it is completely absorbed.

Take a springform pan, pour the biscuit mixture and press lightly with the back of a spoon. Put the base in the refrigerator and dedicate yourself to the ice cream.

Take the chocolate ice cream (click here for the recipe to make it at home without an ice cream maker!) And pour it into a large bowl. Add half of the chopped almonds and mix quickly until incorporated.

At this point, take the cold base again and pour the ice cream: level it well with a spatula and put it back in the refrigerator. It's time to prepare the chocolate sauce for the topping. Chop the dark chocolate coarsely and melt it in a bain-marie.

Add the cream, stirring constantly, then let it cool and pour it over the ice cream cake. Sprinkle with the remaining chopped almonds and let it harden in the refrigerator at least two hours before consuming it. After the necessary time, unmold your chocolate ice cream cake with almonds and serve it to you!

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A Cilentana in the kitchen Chef Rosalba Fucciolo

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Turn off and let it cool, then work the mixture with a whisk, adding one egg at a time and letting them incorporate. Put the mixture in a sach a poche and form the beignets on a plate.
Bake at 200 & # 176 for 10 minutes then continue cooking for another 10 minutes at 180 & # 176.

4 yolks
120 grams of sugar
25 gr of corn starch
25 grams of flour or starch
half a liter of whole milk
aroma to taste

After preparing the cream, let it cool very well, it must be really cold.
Put it in a container and beat it with an electric whisk, add 150 g of sugar and beat, then add 250 g of butter, whip until the mixture becomes frothy and clear.
Now add the gianduia paste and mix well. Let the cream rest for a while in the fridge, then continue to stuff the beignets.

During the filling, I used melted dark chocolate to be interposed every now and then both inside and on top of the decoration.

the next day they are much better.
You can use the same cream base to change the aroma to taste.

Gianduja and almond ice cream cake - Recipes

- 240 g of chopped almonds
- 60 g of flour
- 240 g of butter
- 150 g of sugar
- 4 eggs
- 2 lemons (grated zest)
- 1 sachet of baking powder

Break the eggs, separate the yolks from the egg white, work the first with the sugar until you get a light-colored frothy cream, then whip the egg whites until stiff. Melt the butter over low heat and add it to the egg yolks incorporate the sifted flour, lemon zest, almonds and baking powder.

Finally, gently combine the egg whites and pour the mixture into a pan lined with baking paper. Bake in the pre-heated oven at 170 & # 176 for about 40 minutes.

When it has cooled, sprinkle with icing sugar and serve.

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Salt & ampvaniglia

It must be good! I love almonds especially the Sicilian ones with their unmistakable sweetness! Congratulations on your desserts, you are very good.

Yes it is really good, try it, the only difficulty lies in decorating it with almond paste because the dough must not be too soft so it is difficult to crush the sache a poche, however nothing `` insurmountable ''. Greetings from another greedy !!

Hi, I wanted to congratulate you on your blog and the various recipes. I did, following your recipe the golden almond cake is very good compliments and thanks for the recipe. )

Gianduja and almond ice cream cake - Recipes

Best wishes.
A real goodness.

best wishes and congratulations for the really delicious ice cream cake ..
by da lia

Best wishes for many other anniversaries with many other wonderful cakes like this one. How much fantasy of tufts you can create with a simple pastry bag. The spout you use to create roses amazes me. I absolutely have to get it, thank you for introducing it to me. * _ *

first we want to wish you happy birthday. what a show this cake, you want to eat it. your husband will have been happy with the dessert you made :)

First of all, best wishes for the engagement years. :)
This ice cream cake is wonderful and in the heat it sure tastes great! :)

Best wishes, sweetheart and congratulations for the spectacular and delicious cake. A big kiss

Hi Luana! Congratulations on your wonderful blog! Never was a name so apt. I'll fall asleep tonight dreaming of this amazing cake. what more could you ask for. May the dream become reality! :-D big kiss and sweet dreams

Many good wishes and congratulations for the delicious cake.

absolutely delicious. good

but what if I used ice cream bought in an ice cream shop?

Auguriiiiiiii and for the cake well I would gladly sink my face ^ _ ^

I happened upon your colorful blog by chance. How many beautiful sweets1 I joined your readers. Come by if you like

love at first bite
Certooooooo !! It can be done with any ice cream but you just need to take it out of the freezer a little earlier in order to soften!

Thanks to everyone for the compliments. I'm very happy that you like this cake!

This is the kind of pleasure children love ice! Yum! Kisses, Caro

Gianduia and almond ice cream cake - Recipes

Ok, these days we have saved a lot of calories and we have been good.
. it is therefore time to collect our credits ^ _______ ^
By now you will know, I am not a woman of half measures and therefore if I have to sin I do it with great fanfare.
"Ricotta and almond cake with lemon curd".
Doesn't it sound heavenly just to name it? Imagine when you will eat it!
The recipe I found some time ago in a food magazine, perhaps Donna Hay, and put it aside for a few centuries, then the desire for ricotta did the rest.
It is a fairly soft and moist dessert, not a cake to soak in short, but very fragrant and rich. especially calories.
Although it is perfect even on its own, I find that accompanied by the pungent taste of lemon curd it gives the best of itself, even if this addition of fat could make some people horrified. It is eaten at room temperature and the day after making it is even better, but I don't mind cold from the fridge too. De gustobus.
It is a good dessert even if you have gluten intolerant guests, because there is no trace of it in either the cake or the cream.
If I made you want to go, how about switching to the recipe?

For the ricotta and almond cake

120 gr of butter
275 gr of extra-fine granulated sugar
1 vanilla bean
Zest of 4 lemons
4 eggs
240 gr almond flour
300 gr of ricotta
Flaked almonds to taste
Powdered sugar to taste

Preheat the oven to 175-180º.
Separate the yolks from the whites.
Sift the ricotta through a fine sieve.
Beat the butter with the sugar, lemon zest and vanilla until light and fluffy, add the egg yolks one at a time, incorporating one well before adding the other.
Add the almond flour.
Add the sifted ricotta.
Whip the egg whites until stiff not too firm and add them to the mixture a few at a time, stirring with a spatula from the bottom upwards without removing the mixture.
Pour the batter into a 22 cm diameter pan well lined with parchment paper, preferably use a pan with a snap ring.
Cover the surface with the sliced ​​almonds and bake.
Bake from 50 minutes to about an hour (it may take more or less, it will depend on your oven) until a toothpick stuck in the center of the cake comes out clean and no longer moist.
If the cake gets too dark during cooking, cover it with aluminum.
Once the cake is out of the mold, remove and let it cool for 10/15 minutes before removing the ring and placing it on a rack.
Once cold, sprinkle with icing sugar.

3 large eggs
150 gr extra-fine granulated sugar
80 ml fresh, filtered lemon juice
55 gr cold butter in flakes
Zest of 1 lemon

Lightly beat the eggs with the sugar until they are liquid and not stringy, add the lemon juice and continue beating for a minute.
Cook this mixture in a double boiler until thickened, it must be just thicker than a custard.
Remove from the heat and filter through a colander, add the cold butter, stirring well to melt it and mix with the mixture, add the lemon peels last.
Cover with cling film and leave to cool in the refrigerator.

Now you just have to put yourself in the kitchen, let me know if you have tried it eh.

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